This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What Happens After the Yearly Subscription Ends

The initial purchase of one of the premium editions (such as Plus, Professional, or Business) gives you all the newest updates and support for one year. This is set to automatically renew each year, unless you request to end the subscription.

If the subscription ends, the License Key given to you at purchase will also expire and will stop you from getting new updates to the plugin.

The plugin will continue to work even with no subscription or license. None of your settings are disabled, only the ability to get new bug fixes and new features is stopped.

Your Calendar should continue to work the same way as before – including any of the settings and integrations available only for the premium editions.

Renew license key

Login here to see if your subscription has ended and your license is expired or to renew your license for another year:

How To Never Deal With Subscriptions And Continue Getting Updates

You could upgrade to a lifetime license 🙂 Instead of being charged yearly – you’ll pay a one time fee to book appointments with your customers for years to come 🦊

We offer lifetime licenses for all of our Premium Editions, here:

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