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Everything you need to know about how Simply Schedule Appointments handles GDPR and privacy.

See below for some of the most asked questions when it comes to GDPR compliance and how we handle data.

Does SSA Collect Cookies?

We do not collect cookies.

If you’re using the Tracking feature, it’ll track events but only for the tools that you use on your site. The data that Tracking collects is not user-specific and anonymous.

Do You Collect User Data?

We do not collect or save any customer data. And, we do not receive any data from your plugin.

Simply Schedule Appointments is a self-hosted plugin. Meaning it lives and operates completely from your site.

All of the appointment information saves in your personal databases and servers. This information is for your own personal scheduling purposes.

The customer data you request from your booking form is out of our control, we don’t regulate these fields beyond the required Name and Email.

It’s up to you to comply to your country or state policies on collecting customer information.

Is this GDPR Compliant?

According to this blog post, WordPress GDPR Compliance, the easiest way to make a plugin like ours compliant is to add a required checkbox. This is to verify your customers consent to you collecting and storing their personal data.

Depending on the customer information that you’re collecting, you may not even need a required checkbox. Since you may fall under the lawfulness of processing.

Our Custom Fields feature is part of SSA Plus (a paid upgrade) and would let you create a checkbox with any text which you could use for GDPR.

Can You Auto-Check MailChimp and SMS Consent Boxes?

No, we don’t have any settings to enable auto-checking the consent boxes. Regulations around the world such as GDPR and CCPA prohibit checking subscription checkboxes by default.

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