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There could be a couple of reasons your SSA emails aren’t showing up in your Inbox. To fix email delivery issues, we’ll need to check the following:

  • Is WordPress sending the emails?
  • Are they in Spam, or never delivered?
  • Are they sending late?
  • Are there any errors in your Message?
  • Is the missing email notification one that you recently created?

Is WordPress Sending the Emails?

Track emails sent using a free plugin. We recommend using WP Mail Logging.

Once you’ve installed and activated your plugin, it’ll start logging your sent emails. 

To find the log, you need to head to Tools > WP Mail Log

Screenshot depicting where to find WP Mail Log, under Dashboard > Tools.

Go back to your calendar and book a test appointment. You could set the email to send to yourself. Now go back to the WP Mail Log tool.

Check to see whether all the Notification Emails you’re expecting show up.

Screenshot depicting an example of emails sent without any email delivery issues.

Emails Going to your Spam Folder or Not Delivering At All

If this is the case, we recommend you visit this guide:

Reliably Sending Emails.

Where we explain how SSA sends emails, and we outline tips and suggestions on how to set up a dedicated mailing service – which might be the only option for email delivery issues like these.

Emails Not Sending Out on Time

This might be an issue with WP-Cron, the system that makes sure to send out emails on time.

Please follow the guide here on how to deal with WP-Cron: How to Make Sure Emails are Sent Out on Time

Are There Any Errors in Your Subject or Message?

Sometimes if your SSA Subject and Message have an error within them, it could cause delivery issues too.

Try following the steps in our Message Error guide to determine if a syntax error causes this and how to fix it.

Is Your Admin Email Host Google or GSuite?

There’s a kink in the way that Google and GSuite sort their emails. If you’re using a Google-hosted email and not getting your test emails, it may be because of the kink.

When [email protected] sends an email to [email protected], the message sorts into the “All Mail” folder and not your “Inbox” folder. 

Google built it this way because some people BCC themselves on messages and don’t want to see those in their Inbox. 

Double-check your “All Mail” folder and see if that’s the case. 

When you open your Google Email page, you usually see your Inbox folder. The All Mail folder is often found further down the list of folders (you may have to expand the list to find this folder). 

Screenshot depicting how to navigate to your Inbox > All Mail.
The All Mail folder is found under the More tab expander

Is the missing email notification one that you recently created?

Newly created notifications will not apply to all of your existing appointments. Since notifications are programmed at the time of booking, only appointments made after the creation of the notification will be sent out.

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