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The Notification Messages in SSA use Twig templates to grab information from the Booking Form. When the Twig template isn’t used right, you’ll start to see email message errors.

If you go to any Notification Message, you’ll notice code snippets (or tokens) that are surrounded by curly brackets: {{ _token_ }}. This is a Twig template. It’s what will grab information like customer name, appointment time, etc…

For example if there’s a missing “{” somewhere your message will not show up or throw a crazy long error.

Or, if something is misspelled inside the brackets, then that could also cause issues with how the message is shown in the final message.

What You Might Be Seeing

  • “Twig_Error_Syntax: Unexpected “}” in “template” at line 3. in …”
  • ” {{ customer._info… }} “
  • Missing customer information in the email message

Fixing Errors in Notification Email Message

The first step is to open the Notification causing issues. Go to SSA Settings > Notifications > Click on the one causing issues.

How to Preview Notification Messages

To easily see how your messages look before saving them, you can preview the message by clicking on the eyeball icon in the top-right corner.

After clicking the eyeball icon, you’ll see a pop-up where you’ll have to click on an Appointment from the drop-down.

Checking the Curly Brackets

Usually one of the curly brackets will be missing. First make sure that each Twig token has the right amount of curly brackets, like this: {{ _token_ }}.

Checking the Tokens Inside Curly Brackets

Sometimes there’s misspellings with the tokens inside the curly brackets. If you go down to the end of the page you’ll see a table of Tokens. Use this to spell check your Twig templates.

Or, to easily replace a misspelled Twig template, use the Syntax button on the top-left corner. It looks like: Tt. This should show you a drop-down menu that’ll let you paste in each token.

Copy and Paste a Default Message

If the message text has too much going on and it’s hard for you to look at and fix. You could copy and paste one of the default messages into your Notification.

Use our Default Notification Templates guide to start writing your message from scratch. These will automatically work and you can start making small changes to customize the message.

Just make sure to make a habit of previewing your changes before you get too ahead of yourself and end up with more Twig errors.


Let us know if you’re trying to use a custom field Twig template that needs checking or if you’ve tried all the above and your Notification messages still don’t work right.

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