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Simply Schedule Appointments should work fine in Microsoft Edge, but unfortunately, we cannot support Internet Explorer.

Why SSA Isn’t Compatible with IE

Internet Explorer 11’s last update in 2013 didn’t add many of the basic features the booking plugin relies on.

On top of that, IE usage has fallen below 1.8%, and Microsoft will no longer support it in June 2022.

Here is a direct quote from the Microsoft documentation:

“Please note that the Internet Explorer (IE) 11 desktop application will end support for certain operating systems starting June 15, 2022. Customers are encouraged to move to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. IE mode enables backward compatibility and will be supported through at least 2029. Additionally, Microsoft will provide notice one year prior to retiring IE mode.”

If you’re using IE, we recommend you upgrade to Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Unsupported browsers, like IE, will see a helpful error message explaining the issue in the plugin.

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