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When attempting to save an appointment as a .ics download, sometimes a “Failed – Server Problem” error message will deny that attempt. There are usually several potential culprits for this situation.

  • Cloudflare Caching
  • Plugins or Site features with Caching enabled

Cloudflare Caching Error

Cloudflare’s caching feature works by caching static resources to reduce server load and bandwidth. Simply, it is the process of storing copies of files within caches (temporary storage locations). This is so they can be accessed quickly next time.

But, sometimes, when attempting to save an appointment as a .ics download (or any other files), this attempt will be blocked by an error message stating “Failed – Server Problem”.

How to Solve

If using Cloudflare’s Caching feature, the best solution, for the time being, is to temporarily disable Cloudflare’s caching feature so that users can resume downloading their appointments as .ics files to personal calendars.

If any plugins installed have caching enabled, it is best to troubleshoot it by disabling it temporarily.

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