Give appointment types independent availability

By default, the Basic, Plus, and Professional Editions of Simply Schedule Appointments handle one schedule. Booking an appointment of any type will block that time from being available for all other appointment types. These editions of Simply Schedule Appointments are meant to be used to manage the schedule and availability for one person or resource. If someone books a 30 minute phone call with me at 9am on Monday, then I am unavailable for a hour-long in-person meeting or a 5-minute consultation at that same time.

Managing schedules and availability for multiple staff, resources, and/or locations will be included in our upcoming Business Edition of Simply Schedule Appointments.

However, in any edition of Simply Schedule Appointments, you can add a filter that will allow each appointment type to have its own independent availability. This would allow you to set up a different appointment type for different people or different resources, and manage the schedule for each individually.

The filter code

Add this code to either your theme’s (or child theme’s) functions.php file, or add this to a custom plugin:

add_filter( 'ssa/get_booked_periods/should_separate_availability_for_appointment_types', '__return_true' );


Let’s say you have three meeting rooms that need to be booked for hour-long meetings. With the above filter added to your site, you could set up three different appointment types: One hour in meeting room 1One hour in meeting room 2, and One hour in meeting room 3. With the filter added, when someone books Meeting room 1 at 9am on Monday, the availability for Meeting rooms 2 and 3 is unaffected. But, other customers will not be able to book 9am Monday in meeting room 1 any longer as that time is taken for that appointment type.

As always, if you have any questions about this or need help, reach out to our support team by using the chat bubble on this site, or by emailing