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In this guide, we want to show you how to ‘White Label’ the plugin. This isn’t a complete white-label solution but it will remove most of our branding assets. To do this, we’ll use a couple of CSS snippets to hide our logos and Foxy’s images from the Admin App.

For this to work out properly, you’ll need to create a new custom.css file in the theme. Here’s a guide with more information on how to add it: Add Admin App Custom CSS.

The SSA Logo highlighted at the top of the SSA admin page
SSA Logo at the top of the Admin App

To hide the logo add this CSS snippet to your custom.css file:

/* Hide SSA Logo */
.app-header img {
    display: none !important;
Screenshot depicting the hidden SSA logo with the white label method.
Hidden SSA Logo

Settings’ Images with Foxy

How the SSA Settings Tab looks like by default
SSA Settings’ Images Showing Foxy, our Mascot

To hide Ms. Foxy’s glamour shots, add this CSS to your custom.css file:

/* Hide Settings Images of Foxy */
.md-card.settings .md-card-media {
    display: none !important;
How the SSA Settings Tab looks with all of the images of foxy hidden
Hidden Settings’ Images

Remove the Sidebar (Including Guides and Info cards)

This CSS makes the admin settings full-width and removes the sidebar: {
display: none;

@media screen and (min-width: 960px){
flex-basis: 100%;
max-width: 100%;
Screenshot of the admin app set to full-width using the CSS.
Full-width admin app

Contact Support Team Button

You can remove the Contact Support Button under the Support tab if you’re white-labeling for a client. This will ensure that they contact you whenever they need any help.

Screenshot depicting the location of the contact support team button and how it can be white labeled.
Contact Support Team button under the Support tab

To hide the ‘Contact Support Team’ button:

/* Hide Contact Support Team Button */
.support .md-toolbar[disabled]), 
.support .md-toolbar[disabled]) {
display: none !important;
How the Support Tab in SSA looks like with the Contact Support button hidden
Hidden Contact Support Button

Change the Background and Accent Color of the Admin App

Screenshot depicting how to white label the app via changing the colors.
How the Appointments Tab looks prior to changing the accent and background colors.

Switch out the word orange for your desired accent color.

And, the word ivory for your desired background color.

/* Change the accent color of the admin app */
.md-layout .main-settings-col .md-toolbar .md-button.router-link-active,
.md-layout .md-switch-thumb,
.md-layout .md-switch-container,
.md-layout .md-toolbar .md-button:hover:not([disabled]):not(.md-raised):not(.md-icon-button):not(.md-fab),
.md-layout .mdc-theme-name--light-green.mdc-chip,
.md-layout .mdc-theme-name--light-green .mdc-chip__icon.mdc-chip__icon--trailing,
.md-layout .mdc-theme-name--light-green .mdc-chip__icon.mdc-chip__icon--trailing:hover,
.md-layout .md-theme-light-green .cov-date-monthly,
background-color: orange;
color: white;

.md-layout {
border-top: 5px solid orange;

html .md-layout .md-radio-container {
border-color: orange;

html .md-layout .md-ink-ripple, html .md-ink-rippe,
.md-layout .mdc-theme-name--light-green.mdc-icon-button, .mdc-theme-name--light-green .mdc-icon-button,
.md-layout>.md-tabs-navigation .md-tab-header:focus,
.md-layout .md-list-item,
.md-layout .md-list-item>.md-icon {
color: orange;

html .md-layout .md-checkbox-container,
.md-layout .md-checkbox-container,
.md-layout .md-checkbox-container{
background-color: orange;
border-color: orange;

.md-layout>.md-tabs-navigation .md-tab-indicator,
.md-layout .ssa-booking-dialog .md-dialog .close {
background-color: orange;

.md-layout .ssa-import-export .export-code:focus {
border-color: orange;
outline: 1px solid orange;
/* ————————————————————————— */

/* Change the background color of the admin app */
body {
background: ivory;
background-color: ivory !important;
Viewing the end result of the CSS snippet, the accent color has been changed to orange and the background is changed to ivory.
Changing the admin app colors to orange accent color and ivory background.

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