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In this guide, we’re going to show you all of the supported Gravity Forms merge tags that you can use to access SSA appointment information for the form.

Please remember that if you use Gravity Forms for the notifications, you can disable the default email notifications in SSA. They are set up to automatically send once you finish the Setup Wizard.


General Appointment Merge Tags

Appointment Type Slug


Appointment Type Title


Appointment Type Instructions


Web Meeting URL


Keep in mind the web meeting URL will not work with a Zoom-generated link unless you delay notifications with Gravity Forms. A static Zoom link entered as a Custom Meeting URL will still work.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Link


Add to Calendar ICS Link


Add to Google Calendar Link


Quick Linking Tip

The merge tags for links can be made into Pretty Links by using those merge tags as the “URL” part of a web link.

Download Google Calendar event merge tag being utilized in a notification for Gravity Forms.

If you run into issues clicking the links, try editing the Pretty Links, removing the http:// part before the merge tag, and checking the box for Open link in a new tab.

Removing the "http://" component before the merge tag in the insert/edit link screen.

Team Member Merge Tags

When using the Team booking feature, you may want to include information related to the Team member assigned to the booking.

Team Member Name


Team Member Email


Admin Formatted Merge Tags

Date + Time + Timezone


Date Only


Time + Timezone


Customer Formatted Merge Tags

Date + Time + Timezone


Date Only


Time + Timezone


Format Modifier

Modify the appointment time and date merge tags such as:

  • customer_start_date
  • business_start_date

Using the Format merge tag modifier. This works similarly to the :format modifier that Gravity Forms provides.

Not all Format strings are compatible with our Appointment date and time data. Only the Format strings listed below are supported.

  • m: The month, number representation (1-12)
  • d: Day of the month, leading zeroes (01 to 31)
  • j: The day, no leading zeroes (1 – 31)
  • l: Full textual representation of the day of the week (Sunday or Saturday)
  • Y: Year, in 4 digits (2023)
  • g: 12-hour time format, no leading zeros (4 or 12)
  • H: 24-hour time format, with leading zeros (04 or 24)
  • i: Minutes (00 to 59)
  • a: Lowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem (am or pm)
  • e: Timezone identifier (America/Los Angeles)
{FIELD_NAME:FIELD_ID:customer_start_date:format:m/d/Y e}

Example Scenario

For example, if the name of my Appointment field is “Book a call,” and Gravity Forms gave it the ID of 4, then my merge tags would look like this:

Cancellation/Rescheduling Link: {Book a Call:4:public_edit_url}

Appointment Type Slug: {Book a Call:4:appointment_type_slug}
Appointment Type Title: {Book a Call:4:appointment_type_title}

Admin Formatted Date + Time + Timezone: {Book a Call:4}
Admin Formatted Date Only: {Book a Call:4:start_date_only}
Admin Formatted Time + Timezone: {Book a Call:4:start_time_only}

Customer Formatted Date + Time + Timezone: {Book a Call:4:customer_start_date}
Customer Formatted Date Only: {Book a Call:4:customer_start_date_only}
Customer Formatted Time + Timezone: {Book a Call:4:customer_start_time_only}
How the Gravity Forms Merge Tags look in an email notification configured in Gravity Forms
How the Gravity Forms Email Message Looks Like When Using All of the Supported Merge Tags

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