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In this guide, we discuss how the All In One WP Security plugin may affect functionality in Simply Schedule Appointments.

All In One WP Security Conflict

We’ve had reports of customers using the All in One WP Security running into the following issues:

  • “You are not authorized to perform this action” error messages.
  • The SSA iFrame won’t display for logged-out users.

This is a known issue that may occur when using the Intermediate and Advanced categories of the plugin. A WordPress plugin contributor has stated in their documentation that some of the features offered in the Intermediate and Advanced categories can break certain functionality depending on your setup and which plugins you are using.

We’re still investigating the main cause of the conflict. If you encounter a similar problem, please contact our support team immediately.

How to Solve

If you are using the All In One WP Security plugin and notice that SSA is no longer displaying correctly, or displays error messages, we recommend going through the settings. Then, we suggest toggling off any Intermediate or Advanced features you may have to see if one of them could be affecting SSA.

Please notify our support team if you find a particular setting is causing the issues listed above.

Still stuck?

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