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This guide is going to offer some workarounds to setting up 5-Minute Intervals. We don’t intend to add an official option for this to the plugin, as it comes with too many complications.

Potential complications:

  • As humans, we don’t always arrive on time. If one customer arrives late, all the following bookings will risk being put off.
  • From a User Experience standpoint, if someone sets the availability from 9 AM – 5 PM with 5-minute intervals, your customer will have 96 options for time slots. Not pretty!

You can still set up an appointment type to have a duration of 5 minutes. But, the smallest intervals to show time slots would be every 10 minutes.

Workaround Using Capacity

So, instead, we want to offer a workaround that would achieve a similar booking effect without the clunkiness and complications of 5-minute intervals.

Use the Capacity setting over a longer period of time. You would still essentially be booking a customer for every 5 minutes.

For example, you could take:

  • 2 bookings for every 10-minute appointment
  • 3 bookings for every 15-minute appointment
  • 4 bookings for every 20-minute appointment

Just make sure to explain that they’ll get help within 5/10/15 minutes of their appointment start time.

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