Custom Fields for Customer Information

When creating appointment types, the ability to add custom fields for customer information is available in the paid versions of Simply Schedule Appointments. For help creating an appointment type, see here.

In the free version, you’re only able to select the predefined customer fields:


Email address

Phone number







This section will look a little different than the free version.  Notice in the image below that “Name” and “Email” have gray icons – these will appear by default for each new appointment type, and they cannot be removed or edited.  If you click on the cog, you’ll see the only option is to clone them.



Now let’s add some custom fields:

Click the “+Add Field” button

You’ll be presented with an Edit screen


Choose a Label – this a free type field.  In this example, we’ll enter “Phone Number.”  You can choose to list this field as required or voluntary.  If you wish to make this field required for booking this type of appointment, then place a check in the “Required” box



For the Type, we’ll choose “Single Line Text,”  meaning the customer entry will only require one line of text.  


Multi Line Text – Use for fields such as ‘Notes,’ where the customer may need to enter multiple lines of data.

Checkboxes – Use this selection if you want your customer to be able to select multiple items.  This is useful for “select all that apply” scenarios.

Radios – Use the radio button option for fields that require only one response, such as Yes/No.

**When creating Checkboxes and Radio buttons, press Enter to between each value to add additional values**


For Icon, you can choose from a long list of available icons – here we’ll choose the phone icon.


Once you click “Update,” you’ll see the entry listed under Name and Email Address.  The icon color will be the color that you chose for this appointment type, in the instructions above.