It’s time to Zoom on in! No, don’t speed in your car, that’s not safe. Drive the speed limit, please. However, this is just as thrilling! The highly anticipated integration is here to help you connect and collaborate for all your appointment needs.

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The Long-Awaited Integration: Zoom

Simply Schedule Appointments is proud to introduce the Zoom integration. Zoom has become such a popular video conferencing application and has taken the world by storm.

The application boasts impressive performance, stability, huge meeting capabilities, and a large variety of features. Including:

  • Screen sharing
  • chat functions
  • camera and audio controls
  • meeting recording capabilities
  • and fun virtual backgrounds

These are just some of the existing and exciting features they have to offer.

As long as you have a Zoom account, you are free to start going crazy with it! Authorizing your account with SSA will allow you to add the meeting links to certain appointment types.

You have the ability to host a private meeting, which is where a host is required to admit each attendee entering the meeting room. You can also host an open meeting, where anyone with the link can just leap right into the meeting.

The best part? If you have Google Calendar integrated and synced with SSA, you’ll be able to send out unique meeting links. Your customers will receive special Google Invites with the Zoom web meeting link attached to it!

If you’re interested in getting started with this majestic Zoom integration, it’s quick and straightforward. We have a wonderful guide prepared and tailored just for you here!

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