Hey, why are my appointment slots gone? What’s goin’ on? Oh no—have you stumbled into a weird conflict with your booking form that left you scratching your head? No worries: our wonderful developers have conjured up a sweet tool for tackling availability issues… The Availability Detective.

Sleuth to the Rescue

Sometimes an appointment type is misconfigured, which can then lead to odd issues with time slots vanishing into the shadow realm.

This new awesome tool will help you get to the bottom of those pesky issues. Seeing it laid out neatly and in summary form can offer a different perspective.

Research is Vital

The timeslots, minimum booking notice, and advance notice information are stashed in a column of goodness that lets users know when appointments can and cannot be booked.

In addition, users will be able to troubleshoot a single timeslot as well! Pretty nifty, huh? Now you can make sure that one timeslot will behave.

If there are still any issues, users can ask our awesome support team for help with a simple click of a button.

Investigate Mysteries

“How can I find the Availability Detective?” Well then, proceed to make a trip to your WP-Admin area and head on over to your Appointments.

Within the Appointment Types area, there’s a section containing a button under the ‘Availability’ Section that is labeled “Troubleshoot Availability”. You should double-check to make sure that you have already saved your changes before proceeding, just in case.

You have enlisted the aid of the detective. It’s time to snatch up that magnifying glass and poke at that one Appointment Type that gave you an attitude (or maybe it’s just behaving and you’re curious about this process).

You will spot a summary of the availability for that appointment. Go ahead and give one of the dates on the calendar a tap.

The timeslots will then present themselves to you and allow you to click each of them. If all goes well, it’ll be marked as available. If not, it will inform you that it’s throwing a rebellion, and let you know what its reasons are.

From there, you can also contact our support team to help wrangle that timeslot.

A Scenario to Solve

What does it look like when an appointment type is in the midst of rebelling? Let’s venture on into a scenario where everything has already gone wrong.

That’s a bummer. Our handy-dandy tool will be able to get to the bottom of this. Onwards to the Troubleshoot Availability button then.

A reason for its rebellion is given. It seems that the minimum booking notice affected the availability of the date and time, and as a result nothing would show.

With that information, we can waddle on back to the settings and fix that. We cracked the case! Easy-peasy.

But, if for some reason, things just aren’t working out…

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if there are any issues–we’ll decipher the mystery with you.

Mystery Concluded

The Availability Detective is a top-notch sleuth for uncovering mysteries behind appointments vanishing without a trace.

Having a summary laid out allows anyone to look over the settings with fresh eyes in one place. This nifty feature is currently in beta, but our team will continue to nurture and grow it so that it becomes even smarter 😉

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