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WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, which means there’s a huge community and a ton of guides, tutorials, and more on YouTube for anyone just joining.

That said, there are hundreds of channels that cover WordPress—making it sometimes difficult to find exactly the right one to subscribe and stay up to date with for fantastic WordPress content.

Fortunately, we spent the last week combing through the very best YouTube channels for learning WordPress going into 2021—all for you. You’ll find them neatly listed below, including featured videos, links, and brief descriptions to help figure out which channel would be the best fit for you.

Without further ado, meet the top 15 YouTube channels for Learning WordPress in 2021.

Tyler Moore

YouTube video

Tyler’s free video lessons teach people how to create their own professional website without any coding experience. All tutorials are step-by-step, with no step skipped.

Visit his channel: Tyler Moore’s YouTube channel

Darrel Wilson

Darrel’s channel provides free tutorials on WordPress, website creations, and SEO. It will be your last stop for anything with digital needs! Check his multiple playlists and other videos to learn more about WordPress and tips for creating websites.

Visit his channel: Darrel Wilson’s YouTube channel


YouTube video

LivingWithPixels teaches you how to design and build websites without using any code, so you can start making a living with pixels. Explore this channel if you want to learn things like: web design, Wordpress, Adobe XD and building a digital business.

Visit their channel: LivingWithPixels’ YouTube channel

Kori Ashton

YouTube video

Kori’s channel provides videos on products, processes, and services that help you better your online marketing. To no surprise, she has a ton of content around doing all of this through WordPress, and she releases a new one every single Tuesday.

Visit her channel: Kori Ashton’s YouTube channel


YouTube video

WPTuts is a great channel for learning to build WordPress websites fast using tools like Elementor, Brizy, Woocommerce, etc. Want to build more powerful websites but don’t know where to start? They’ll guide you through using tools like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), JetEngine, Toolset and more. Take your WordPress and web design skills to the next level with WPTuts. New videos every Tuesday & Friday.

Visit their channel: WPTuts’ YouTube Channel

Alessandro Castellani

YouTube video

Alessandro, also known as Alex, created this channel for developers and designers that want to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JQuery, and more. Fortunately, he’s also incredibly skilled in using WordPress and as a result, tons of his content goes over common issues and guides that are incredibly helpful to any developers or designers in the WP community.

Visit his channel: Alessandro Castellani’s YouTube channel


YouTube video

WPLeaningLab features WordPress tutorials and courses so that you can quickly learn the skills you need to create/run your business’s websites or get more clients. They focus on WordPress fundamentals and take you all the way through to advances skills.

Visit their channel: WPLearningLab’s YouTube channel

Nayyar Shaikh

YouTube video

Nayyar’s channel offers video guides on how to create a beautiful, super customizable website using WordPress, earn money from your blog or website, the ins and ours of affiliate marketing, and tips and tricks about WordPress, blogging, and more.

Visit his channel: Nayyar Shaikh’s YouTube channel

Ferdy Korpershoek

YouTube video

Ferdy’s channel was created to help beginners in making and enhancing their Wordpress website through easy to follow tutorials. He makes tutorials about Wordpress Themes, MailChimp, WooCommerce, SEO and more.

Visit his channel: Ferdy Korpershoek’s YouTube channel

Profitable Tools

YouTube video

At Profitable Tools, you can expect reviews of software tools to help you grow your business. His reviews are B.S. and marketing free. If you love keeping up with the latest SEO tools, video marketing tools, or web development apps, make sure you subscribe to this channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss a review.

Visit their channel: Profitable Tools’ YouTube channel


YouTube video

WPCrafter is dedicated to learning and leveraging WordPress. Their channel offers simple to follow tutorial videos on WordPress that covers simple topics like installing WordPress and maintaining Wordpress, and more advanced videos for WordPress developers.

Visit their channel: WPCrafter’s YouTube channel

ThemeIsle: WordPress Tutorials & Reviews

YouTube video

ThemeIsle started this channel as a resource for their own clients and graduated to creating content for anyone who’s just launched their first WordPress site and needs their first theme installed.

Visit their channel: ThemeIsle’s YouTube channel

Matt Report

YouTube video

Matt Report is a channel where Matt interviews people making a living using WordPress. Additionally, he reviews WordPress plugins and popular tools for the WordPress community.

Visit his channel: Matt Report’s YouTube channel

WP Eagle

YouTube video

WP Eagle is full of WordPress tutorials on a wide range of WordPress and related topics including, how to create a website with Wordpress, website SEO optimization, WordPress plugins, affiliate marketing and much, much more. He also streams live every Tuesday!

Visit their channel: WP Eagle’s YouTube channel

Christina Hills – Website Creation Workshop

YouTube video

The Website Creation Workshop is a YouTube channel and program by Christina Hills that teaches non-techie entrepreneurs how to build their websites themselves in WordPress. On this channel, you will learn easy WordPress and online business tips as well as success stories from our students.

Visit her channel: Christina Hills – Website Creation Workshop’s YouTube channel

Cathrin Manning

YouTube video

Cathrin isn’t a 100%-WordPress-all-the-time channel, but she does have very popular videos that talk about all things YouTube, running a business using WordPress, and creating a life that you love! Her new videos go live every Tuesday and Friday.

Visit her channel: Cathrin Manning’s YouTube channel

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