As we’ve worked on Simply Schedule Appointments and folks have started putting it to work on their own sites, we’ve had lots of requests for customization options for the booking form. We tried a few different approaches, and we’ve finally settled on suite of tools that will allow everyone to customize the appointment booking form as much as they like – whether they are CSS wizards or don’t know what CSS is. All of these options are available for every Simply Schedule Appointments package, from the free version to Business. Let’s step through the options you’ve got for customizing the booking form.

1. No code required: Style settings

Does thinking about wrangling with curly brackets make you break out in a cold sweat? No worries! You can still customize your booking form to fit in with your theme quickly and easily with the style settings. In your WordPress admin, just navigate to Appointments > Settings > Styles. There you’ll find a few easy options that help you quickly fit your booking form into any theme seamlessly. You can get all the details on how these work in our blog post on styles.

2. A little code required: Custom CSS Setting

The easy style settings above are enough for many (if not most) cases, but what if you want to go a little further? We’ve got you covered with the ability to add a bit of custom CSS right in the style settings form. And we’ve started a collection of CSS snippets to help you accomplish commonly requested customizations in our documentation. You’ll find the area for entering custom CSS tucked away at the bottom of the style settings:

3. Code Wizards: Add your own stylesheet

And then, finally, if you want to take your booking form customizations to the next level and have control over every last detail, you can drop a CSS file into your theme or child theme. Inside your theme or child theme, create an ssa folder. Then you can drop files into that folder to customize either the booking app (the front end place where folks go to book appointments) or the admin app (the spot in the WordPress admin where you can manage appointments, appointment types, and settings). We’ve got all the details in our developer documentation.

Go forth and customize!

Whatever level you choose, we know that you have the tools to make Simply Schedule Appointments work for you. And if you trick out your booking form into something amazing, send a link our way. We’d love to see what you do with it!

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