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Our live Zoom support is only for users with an active SSA License

Zoom Booking Policy

Please Read Before Booking

We kindly ask that you be courteous, our support team takes time out of their day from helping other customers via email to see that you get the live help you need.

Anyone more than 10 minutes late to the Zoom meeting is counted as a no-show. And will not be offered Zoom support after 2 no-shows.

Be prepared to share your screen with our support team through Zoom. And, make sure to check in using a Desktop. We cannot help you through a mobile device.

And, lastly, please have your logins and any necessary information handy as you will need to login to your website’s dashboard. Additionally, if you need help with Google sync, you’ll also need to be ready to login during the call.

Support Policy

Our Support Policy is applicable here as well. Please keep the following in mind during our call:

  • We cannot extend support to other plugins, themes, or services that are out of our control.
  • We cannot add additional functionality or modify the plugin on the call, please submit feature requests here.
  • We cannot review modifications to the plugin, our support team is not equipped to do code reviews.

How it Works

Fill out the Zoom Ticket form and make sure you submit. Or else, your appointment won’t be made successfully.

Zoom Instructions

After booking, you’ll get an email and Google Invite with Zoom instructions and the meeting link. You’ll need to open the Zoom meeting room link at the time of the appointment.

Inactive Licenses

If we find that your license is inactive, we have the right to cancel our Zoom call. We’ll make sure to reach out and confirm with you first and help you renew if needed.

Other Resources to Help in the Meantime

Feel free to browse our guide walkthroughs, they offer videos and in-depth explanations on most every feature and setting. Or, reach out to our support team and receive email support.

Help Center

Check out our Help Center to quickly find answers to your questions and read guides on how to use the plugin.

Direct Support in SSA Account

Find a history of all our emails, start a new ticket or reply to an ongoing one directly from your SSA account.

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