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1-Click Support built right in!

We’ve done our best to build a really solid product, but with software development, bugs and issues are just a fact of life. No matter how much we test and check, we just can’t predict every possible use case, hosting setup, or potential conflicts with other plugins and themes. When one of our customers is…

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Simply Schedule Appointments MailChimp

Today we released the final feature of Simply Schedule Appointments Plus: MailChimp! Now you can connect Simply Schedule Appointments to your MailChimp account. When you’re editing an appointment type, you’ll see all of your MailChimp lists. Select a list and your customers will have the option to subscribe to that list when they book an…

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Simply Schedule Appointments Custom Fields

When a customer is booking an appointment, there are some things you’ll need to know, like their name, their email address, and maybe their phone number or address. In the Basic version of Simply Schedule Appointments, we simply provide you with a checklist of fields you’re likely to want or need and you can indicate…

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Simply Schedule Appointments Setup Wizard

The setup wizard

Here’s a quick preview of our setup wizard, which you can optionally walk through the first time you install and launch Simply Schedule Appointments. We’ve done our best to set sensible defaults for all settings, so hopefully you get to skip to doing just the good stuff!

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