Timing is… complicated. If you weren’t already confused by all the timezones and UTC or GMT talk, on top of that each timezone transforms each year into a headache or a godsend. In the spring time, we give away one hour of our sleep and wonder where the time went on a special day called Daylight Savings Time or DST. And, in the fall, we get our long-lost hour back and descend back into our gloomy days of winter.

But, did you know that each timezone or country can observe Daylight Savings Time on a different day? Yup, it’s true, it gets even more complicated. In this article, we want to share the different days that countries and timezones observe Daylight Savings Time in 2022. We’ll be particularly looking at the, “Spring Forward” part of the year in this article.

Daylight Savings Time Across the Timezones and Countries

Our booking plugin works with the IANA timezone list and can automatically detect your current timezone and adjust the time slots based on it’s findings. If you need help figuring out what timezone you fall under we have a guide to help you pick a timezone.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the countries observing Daylight Savings Time, we tried to get most of them though!

DST DateCountries Observing Daylight Savings Time
Feb 25 (Friday)Jordan (All locations) — Asian/Amman
Mar 13 (Sunday)Cuba (All locations) — America/Havana
The Bahamas (All locations) — ex. America/Miquelon
Bermuda (All locations) — Atlantic/Bermuda
Canada (All locations which are observing DST) — ex. America/Edmonton
Haiti (All locations) — America/Port au Prince
Mexico (All locations which are observing DST) — ex. America/Mexico City
United States (All locations which are observing DST) — ex. America/Los Angeles
Mar 20 (SundayAntarctica (Troll Station) — Antarctica/Troll
Mar 22 (Tuesday)Iran (All locations) — Asia/Tehran
Mar 25 (Friday)Syria (All locations) — Asia/Damascus
Israel (All locations) — Asia/Jerusalem
Mar 26 (Friday)Greenland (Most locations observing DST) — America/Nuuk
Mar 27 (Sunday)Greenland (Ittoqqortoormiit) — America/Scoresbysund
Paraguay (All locations) — America/Asuncion
Lebanon (All locations) — Asia/Beirut
Palestine (All locations) — Asia/Gaza
Portugal (Most locations) — Europe/Lisbon
Faroe Islands (All locations) — Atlantic/Faroe
Guernsey (All locations) — Europe/London
Ireland (All locations) — Europe/Dublin
Spain (Some locations) — Europe/Madrid
United Kingdom (All locations) — Europe/London
Andorra (All locations) — Europe/Andorra
Austria (All locations) — Europe/Vienna
Belgium (All locations) — Europe/Brussels
Bosnia and Herzegovina (All locations) — Europe/Belgrade
Croatia (All locations) — Europe/Belgrade
Czechia (All locations) — Europe/Prague
Denmark (All locations) — Europe/Copenhagen
France (All locations) — Europe/Paris
Germany (All locations) — Europe/Berlin
Gibraltar (All locations) — Europe/Gibraltar
Hungary (All locations) — Europe/Budapest
Italy (All locations) — Europe/Rome
Liechtenstein (All locations) — Europe/Zurich
Luxembourg (All locations) — Europe/Luxembourg
Malta (All locations) — Europe/Malta
Moldova (All locations) — Europe/Chisinau
Monaco (All locations) — Europe/Monaco
Netherlands (All locations) — Europe/Amsterdam
Norway (All locations) — Europe/Oslo
Poland (All locations) — Europe/Warsaw
North Macedonia (All locations) — Europe/Belgrade
Serbia (All locations) — Europe/Belgrade
Slovakia (All locations) — Europe/Prague
Slovenia (All locations) — Europe/Belgrade
Spain (Most locations) — Europe/Madrid
Sweden (All locations) — Europe/Stockholm
Switzerland (All locations) — Europe/Zurich
Vatican City (Holy See) (All locations) — Europe/ Rome
Bulgaria (All locations) — Europe/Sofia
Cyprus (All locations) — Asia/Nicosia
Estonia (All locations) — Europe/Tallinn
Finland (All locations) — Europe/Helsinki
Greece (All locations) — Europe/Athens
Latvia (All locations) — Europe/Riga
Lithuania (All locations) — Europe/Vilnius
Romania (All locations) — Europe/Bucharest
Ukraine (All locations which are observing DST) — Europe/Kiev
Apr 2 (Saturday)Chile (Easter Island) — Pacific/Easter
Apr 3 (Sunday)Chile (Most locations observing DST) — America/Santiago
Antarctica (Some locations observing DST) — Antarctica/McMurdo
Australia (Most locations observing DST) — Australia/Sydney
New Zealand (Most locations) — Pacific/Auckland
Norfolk Island (All locations) — Pacific/Norfolk
May 8 (Sunday)Morocco (Some locations) — Africa/Casablanca
Timeanddate.com: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/2022a.html

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