I’m not gonna lie, folks. It’s been a tough few months learning new technologies and developing Simply Schedule Appointments to be as lovely and as easy to use as possible. But we hope that you’ll be really happy and really pleased with the results of all our labors.

We are so, so excited to announce that our first package, Simply Schedule Appointments Basic, is available now! We’ve got a few bugs to iron out and one feature left to add, but you are welcome to install it and see what you think.

This is the free version of our freemium plugin. It allows you to specify your availability for different types of appointments, for example, a 10-minute phone consultation or a 30-minute phone call, and then let your clients and customers book one of your available times. You can collect information from your customer like name, email, phone, address, and notes and you’ll receive an email notification when someone books a time. Your customer will receive a notification too, and they’ll be able to add the appointment to their Google calendar or other calendar right when they book and see their confirmation on the screen.

And as you saw in our earlier post, the first time you install the plugin, we have a setup wizard that walks you through reviewing your basic settings and setting up your first appointment type. After that, you can add more appointment types or just get set up to let people book.

We’ll be adding blackout dates soon, so you’ll be able to specify dates that you’re on vacation or just otherwise out of the office and not available for your regularly scheduled times.

And then after that, we’ll be moving on to the custom questions for booking appointments, Google calendar integration, and Mailchimp integration and then we’ll release Plus!

Thank you so much for supporting our development work and being patient while we make this the very best scheduling plugin available.

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