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In this guide, we will cover what the booking process looks like when Resources are involved. And, how viewing Resource bookings looks like to admins.

If you haven’t already, feel free to learn more about getting started with the Resources feature.

Booking Resources

Bookings are either:

  • Randomly assigned to Any single resource associated with the specific appointment type.
  • Assigned to the User-Defined choice the user is prompted with when a Unique Resource is assigned to the specific appointment type.
  • Assigned to a specific resource when the user books an appointment.

If the Any option has been selected for the appointment type, users won’t see the resource until they reach booking confirmation.

Resources settings in the appointment types depicting a Meeting Room set to user preference and laptops randomly assigned.

Learn more about editing Resource Groups.

Viewing Resource Bookings

There are several ways to view what resources have been assigned to bookings. Let’s go over the following methods.

Admin or Team Viewing Resource Bookings

To view the resources assigned to an appointment as an admin user or team member, simply head to the WordPress Admin dashboard and the SSA admin area.

After clicking the appointment, it should display the Resources assigned to that user’s appointment.

Screenshot depicting the appointment details for Foxy, and the Resources "Office Room A" and "Laptop: One item" assigned to it.

Email Notifications and Google Calendar Events

We now offer twigs for calling on the resources assigned to appointments. You can add the following twigs to your email notifications or Google Calendar events to display the resources for that user.

Display the Resource Group’s Title


Display the Resource’s Name


Display the Resource Quantity


After adding the twigs, resources can be displayed in emails and Google Calendar events.

Screenshot depicting how resources can be displayed in emails and events.

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