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WordPress Filter that enables copying hidden fields from Gravity Forms to SSA.

Learn more about how our Gravity Forms integration works when it comes to passing fields.


This code should be placed in the file of your custom plugin.

Source Code

This filter is located in the SSA_Gravityforms::book_appointment_after_form_submission() function in class-gravityforms.php.


add_filter( 'ssa/forms/gravity/copy_hidden_fields_to_ssa', '__return_true' );


  • $should_copy boolean
    Identify whether to copy or not where the default is false.
  • $form_id int
    The ID of the Gravity form.
  • $gravityform_hidden_field_id int
    The ID of the current field in the Gravity form.
  • $gravityform_hidden_field
    The current field in the Gravity form.
  • $entry_id int
    The ID of the entry.
  • $gravityform_appointment_field_id int
    The ID of the Gravity form appointment field.

Example – Copy All Values

// copy all values from hidden Gravity Forms fields to SSA appointments
add_filter('ssa/forms/gravity/copy_hidden_fields_to_ssa', '__return_true');

Example – Allow Specific Hidden Fields

add_filter('ssa/forms/gravity/copy_hidden_fields_to_ssa', 'ssa_custom_allow_specific_field', 10, 3);

function ssa_custom_allow_specific_field($should_copy, $form_id, $field_id)
    if (123 == $form_id && 456 == $field_id) {
        return true;
    return $should_copy;

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