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New Features Coming Soon

Simply Schedule Appointments is actively being developed. The Basic, Plus, and Pro packages are currently available and ready for you to use!

You can help support our ongoing and future development by pre-ordering the Business package now. You'll get a never-available-again discount. Plus, our undying gratitude. šŸ™‚

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BusinessĀ gives you control over multiple employees & locations. Offer group events, and a whole lot more...

Schedule your team

Manage employee availability, and let them synchronize with their own Google Calendar.

ManageĀ resources

It's easy to manage your schedule, even if you have multiple stores or a limited number of meeting rooms

Book groupĀ events

Let your customers reserve their seat in your classes & workshops. Easily limit the capacity of your event

1 site
Never double-book
Ask about your customer
Build your email list
$249 $189 (discount ends June 2019)
10 sites
All Basic Features
+ Never double-book
+ Ask about your customer
+ Build your email list
+ Accept Payments with Stripe & Paypal
+ Reduce no-shows and increase business with custom email reminders & follow-ups
+ SMS text message reminders (coming soon!)
+ Add custom tracking scripts based on visitor behavior (coming soon!)
$499 $339 (discount ends November 2019)
Unlimited sites
Professional Features +
Schedule your team
Manage resources
Book group events
+ immediate access SSA Pro

Development Updates

Stay up to date with our progress as we create new features, add enhancements, squash bugs, and just keep plugging along on the work.

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Flexible notifications for booking appointments

By Natalie MacLees | May 9, 2019

When we first created Simply Schedule Appointments, we went pretty basic with the notifications that go out to the customer and the appointment administrator. Just a simple email for each with the details about the appointment time, date and time, and some basic customer details. As we’ve gotten more and more people using Simply Schedule…

Appointments every 20 minutes

By Natalie MacLees | March 14, 2019

In the latest version of Simply Schedule Appointments, we now have a 20-minute appointment increment available. This is perfect for those of you who need to schedule appointments every 20 minutes, particularly for you photographers out there. We see you. In addition to 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes, you can now select to have…

Accept payments for appointments with Stripe

By Natalie MacLees | February 5, 2019

We had plans to allow folks to take payments for appointments through Simply Schedule Appointments from the very beginning, so that was one thing we guessed right. What we didn’t guess, though, was how crucial this feature would be for so many. So we’re very happy to announce that Simply Schedule Appointments now includes the…