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WordPress filter that enables the manipulation of the arguments passed to wp_mail function before sending an email notification.

The email notification functionality is further explained in our guide on Email Notifications.


This code should be placed in the file of your custom plugin.

Source Code

This filter is located in the SSA_Notifications::ssa_wp_mail() function in includes\class-notifications.php.

Usage for ssa/email/args

add_filter('ssa/email/args', 'my_function_name', 10, 1);


  • $args array
    The data that will be passed to wp_mail function as well as set_ssa_from_name function, this array has the following key value pairs:
    • ‘to’ => $to,
    • ‘subject’ => $subject,
    • ‘message’ => $message,
    • ‘headers’ => $headers,
    • ‘attachments’ => $attachments,
    • ‘from_email’ => $from_email,
    • ‘from_name’ => $from_name,

Example – Custom Email Notification

add_filter('ssa/email/args', 'custom_email_notification', 10, 1);

function custom_email_notification( $args )
    $args['subject'] = 'My New Subject';
    return $args;

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