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WordPress hook that fires once there is a change to the booked appointment. The keys that are watched are:

  • appointment_type_id
  • author_id
  • customer_id
  • customer_information
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • title
  • description
  • price_full
  • payment_received
  • status

We offer another hook focusing on when an edit is done specifically to the customer information.


This code should be placed in the file of your custom plugin.

Source Code

This action is located in the SSA_Hooks::maybe_do_appointment_edited_hook() function in class-hooks.php.

Usage for ssa/appointment/edited

add_action('ssa/appointment/edited', 'new_function_name', 10, 4);


  • $appointment_id int
    The ID of the newly edited appointment.
  • $data_after array
    The changed data of the booked appointment, which includes several keys as discussed in ssa/appointment/booked.
  • $data_before array
    The data of the booked appointment before the changes, which includes several keys as discussed in ssa/appointment/booked.
  • $response 
    The response of editing the appointment.

Example – Show an Alert when an Appointment is Edited

add_action('ssa/appointment/edited', 'alert_appointment_edited', 10, 4);

function alert_appointment_edited($appointment_id, $data_after, $data_before, $response)
    echo "The appointment with ID: $appointment_id is now starting on $data_before[start_date] instead of $data_after[start_date]";

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