COVID-19 Resources

These are unprecedented times. In an effort to do our part, we’re proud to offer free 30-minute consultations to businesses that need help navigating the pandemic and are looking to build their online presence.

How We Help Businesses Thrive Through the Pandemic

Our scheduling plugin was born to help businesses build out their online presence and adapt digitally. Here’s just a few features that will help you continue to support and grow your customer base.


Accept Payments and Support Contactless Pickup

Our integrations with PayPal and Stripe allow you to accept multiple forms of payment online from your customers—avoiding the need to handle cash or checks for paid consultations or appointments.

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Capacity Illustration


Set Maximum Number of Simultaneous Appointments

Maximize your revenue, workday, and staff by setting your capacity to handle as many simultaneous appointments or consultations as your business can handle at a single time.


Set Maximum Number of Appointments Per Day

Stretch and display your availability to go beyond locally-mandated brick-and-mortar businesses hours, and allow for as many appointments and consultations you can possibly on take each day.

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Hear From Businesses We've Already Helped

We're here to help you adapt to running your business in a COVID-19 world

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