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You read that right! Add fully accessible appointment booking calendars to your WordPress website with Simply Schedule Appointments®.

Simply Schedule Appointments Offers A
Fully Accessible Appointment Booking Interface

Accessibility is at the core of our development process. We understand that every individual, regardless of their abilities, should have a seamless experience when booking appointments online.


WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

Simply Schedule Appointments goes the extra mile to be as accessible as possible. The customer-facing booking calendars and interface are developed to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, making sure everyone, including folks with disabilities, can use it easily and enjoy a friendly, inclusive experience booking appointments.


Keyboard Navigation

Our booking calendars are designed with keyboard navigation in mind, allowing users to effortlessly scroll through dates, select appointments, and complete bookings using only their keyboard. This user-friendly feature ensures a seamless experience for those who rely on keyboard navigation for accessibility.


Screen Reader Compatibility

The booking plugin is designed to be fully compatible with screen readers, ensuring that users who use screen readers can easily access and interact with your booking calendars. This commitment to accessibility enables those using screen readers to navigate the calendars and schedule appointments with confidence.


Customizable Fonts and Colors

The booking plugin also empowers users to customize their booking calendars to meet accessibility color guidelines. This flexibility allows businesses to select color schemes that not only match their branding but also ensure high contrast and readability, ensuring that the calendars are accessible to all users, including those with color vision deficiencies.


Continual Accessibility Audits

Our development team takes accessibility very seriously; we make sure to audit each new feature and code addition for accessibility compliance. This ensures every new release and update continues to meet a11y standards.

Illustration showing the simplified version of the booking form screens in Simply Schedule Appointments

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