This guide applies to:

  • Basic Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Pro Edition
  • Business Edition

What You Might Be Seeing

Your newly purchased upgrade isn’t showing up on your Dashboard or Plugins.

Other Errors While Installing:

  • “Destination Folder Already Exists”
  • “Could Not Copy File”
  • Plugin Doesn’t Show Up on WordPress Dashboard

Upgrading to a Newly Purchased Edition

When you purchase a premium edition of SSA (Plus, Professional, or Business), you’ll need to go through some extra steps before setting up your new features.

Delete Installed Simply Schedule Appointments Edition

The first step is to de-activate and delete your existing edition of Simply Schedule Appointments from your Plugins page on the WordPress Dashboard.

delete SSA

Don’t worry if you see a warning about losing data. Your booked appointments, Appointment Types, and Settings will be safely transferred over.

The calendar on your site will temporarily be unavailable, but it should be online again once the newly purchased edition is installed and activated.

Download the Zip File for the Newly Purchased Edition

After your purchase, you’ll get a link to download the zip file via email. From there, download the zip file and make sure you know where it’s stored in your computer.

The download link is also provided in the Purchase Confirmation screen, both links will give you the same zip file.

Login as Admin to the WordPress Site

To upload and activate the plugin as a zip file, you’ll need to have Administrator permissions for the WordPress site.

After logging in as the admin, go to Plugins > Install New, then choose Upload Plugin (toward the top left) and upload the zip file from your computer.

Once uploaded, click the Activate button to activate the Simply Schedule Appointments Plugin.

Enter the License Key

The License Key should be included in the email where you received the zip file for the plugin. Go ahead and copy that key.

Now, go to the Admin page for Simply Schedule Appointments. Go to Appointments > Settings > click the Manage License option.

Paste the License Key that you copied from your email and select Validate.

Other Errors When Installing the SSA Plugin

When you’re seeing errors when installing the plugin like, “Destination folder already exists. /var/www…” or “Could not copy file”, or the plugin seems to be installed but doesn’t show up on your Dashboard.

There may be an error caused by your hosting service or you need to install the newly upgraded edition properly.

Try to follow the steps from Upgrading to a Newly Purchased Edition if you’ve previously had Simply Schedule Appointments Installed.

If you’ve already deactivated and deleted a previous edition and still see these errors – double-check your Installed Plugins page and see if your plugin looks to be installed again. If you find it on the list, Deactivate and Delete it.

Now, try to install it again, it should be working now. If you continue to see these errors, you can reach out to our support team at