Booking Appointments with Payments

Booking Appointments with Payments

When a customer books an appointment with a payment, they’ll see the price on every screen of the booking process.

After selecting a date and time for the appointment, your customer will be asked to pay. If you’ve selected an optional payment, your customer will also have the option to Pay Later.  If the customer chooses to pay later, then the button at the bottom will change from “CONFIRM AND PAY” to “BOOK THIS APPOINTMENT.”


If the customer chooses to confirm and pay now, they’ll be taken to the screen to enter their credit card info. If the payment fails for any reason, the customer can edit the credit card information they entered or can try a different credit card.

Successful payments will display a green check mark, and will then take the customer to the confirmation screen.


Now let’s look at Viewing Payments for Booked Appointments.