Customizing colors and styling of the booking app

We’ve been hearing from our current users that they really wanted to be able to customize the way the booking form appeared for their customers.

We listened! So we’ve released a beginner-friendly settings screen where you can adjust the appearance of your booking form, and a more advanced way to attach your own CSS files. So the sky’s the limit and you can customize any part of the design you’d like.

First up, the beginner-friendly settings:

  • Go to Settings

  • Click ‘Edit Styles’ on the Styles button

  • Accent color:  Select your desired color

  • Background color: Choose your desired color

  • Font family: Choose your desired font

  • Padding – Enter your desired padding (free type field)

  • Contrast mode:- Toggle on if you’re using a dark background

  • Save your changes. Now if you create a new appointment, you should see your changes: