Customizable Notification Emails

Customize your notifications

You can customize both the subject line and the message itself right inside Simply Schedule Appointments. You’ll find the settings for your notifications inside Settings > Notifications:

Screenshot of all notifications in settings

Notifications settings screen

Click on any notification to edit it, or use the gear icon to clone or delete a notification. Or click the Add new notification link to create a new notification. On the notification editing screen, you have total control over the subject line and content:

Screenshot of editing the subject line and content of a notification

Edit subject and content of notification

The notification message uses Twig templating. More information about Twig is available in the Twig documentation.

Click the icon at the top right to insert tokens automatically, or just type {{ to open the list of options right where you’re typing.

Notification triggers

When should a notification be sent? Of course a notification should be sent when someone books an appointment, but you might also want to send a followup message when an appointment is canceled or edited as well.

For each notification, you can select a trigger for when that notification will be sent:

Screenshot of triggers for appointment types, including booked, edited, and canceled

Triggers for sending notifications

That way you can set up different messages for different situations.

Select who to send to, and even cc or bcc anyone

For each notification, you can select to send to the appointment admin, or the customer who booked, or both. You also have the option of adding any email address to the notifications. You can even elect to CC or BCC anyone on the notifications. If you like, you can BCC yourself on any notifications sent out to customers:

Screen shot of the settings to to, cc and bcc for notifications

Set to, cc and bcc for each notification

Click the envelope icon at the right of each field to get shortcuts for inserting the appointment admin’s email or the customer email as needed.

Screen shot of the quick options for filling in the admin_email or customer_email for notifications

Quick insert admin or customer email addresses

Unique notifications for different appointment types

Finally, you might want to send a different sort of message for different types of appointment types. For example, your customer might need different information about their appointment if it’s a phone call than they would if it was an in-person meeting. When you set up a notification, it can be universal – sent out for every appointment type. Or it can be set to send out with just certain appointment types.

Screenshot showing the appointment types to be selected for a notification

Choose one or more appointment types for each notification