Beaver Builder Modules

If you have both Simply  Schedule Appointments (any edition) and Beaver Builder installed, when you’re editing a page with Beaver Builder, you’ll see a Simply Schedule Appointments section in the modules:

Simply Schedule Appointments section in Beaver Builder modules

Simply Schedule Appointments modules

Booking module

Booking module inserted in a page

Booking module

The Booking module inserts a booking from into your page. You can allow customers to select an appointment type, or you can specify an appointment type when you insert the module into your page. This works similarly to the [ssa_booking] shortcode.

Upcoming Appointments

Screenshot of upcoming appointment list

Upcoming appointments for a logged-in user

The Upcoming Appointments module is only visible to logged-in users. It allows them to see their upcoming booked appointments as a list – a handy reminder of what they’ve got to look forward to. And they can click to view details, edit, cancel, or reschedule their appointments as well.