Appointment Types

Simply Schedule Appointments is based on appointment types.

If you click on Appointment Types in the menu bar, here you can create any appointment type you wish.

Click on + Add New


Name: Name of the appointment, e.g. 30 Minute Phone Call

Duration:  Choose the appointment length

Label: Choose a label color for this appointment type


Select the interval for the appointment start times.  When someone schedules this type of appointment, the start times show depending on what you select here.

The calendar will default to appointment availability M-F 9-5, with the 12-1pm hour unavailable.

To create appointments earlier in the morning or later in the evening, click the ‘+’ sign in the time column.

You’ll notice that when you place your cursor over the shaded section on the calendar, it shows a small pen.  To remove days/times, simply click and drag over the shaded area to deselect it.  To add a new day/time, simply click and drag over any unshaded area.

Also in this section is Availability window.  Here you can define a specific range of dates when appointments are available for booking.

Scheduling Options

Appointment Buffer

Before: You can choose to specify a set amount of free time prior to each appointment.

After:  You can choose to specify a set amount of free time after each appointment.

Notice: You can specify how much notice is required when booking this type of appointment.

Advance: Specify how far into the futures customers should be able to book appointments.

Booking Window: Here you can define a date range for when customers will have access to book this type of appointment:

Per Day Limit:  You can limit the number of appointments of this type that can be booked in a day.

Google Calendar

This section will list the calendars that you set up for syncing.  For more info, see here.

Mail Chimp

If you set up Mail Chimp, those options will show here.

Customer Information

In this section, you can specify which fields will simply be displayed, or will be both displayed and required on the form.

For the free version of SSA, this is the screen you’ll see:

For the paid versions of SSA, see here.


Here you can choose whether to send a meeting invite to the Admin, Customer, or both.

Once you’ve finished creating your appointment, click Save!

When you click on Appointment Types, you can view all of the types you’ve created.

Booking Info

For info on using this short code, see here.